About Us

We, John & Kathie purchased this property in 2017. Our love for the outdoors was nurtured during our time in Scouting. John & Kathie as Cub and Scout leaders as well as Wood Badge recipients and their son Josh who was an Eagle Scout. Josh is local and is often available for various excursions as a Register Maine Recreation Guide.


John was raised as an “Air Force Brat” so he has no real roots but he has spent the majority of his life in Maine, 30+ years.  He also serve in the Army during the Viet Nam era. After discharge he became a Respiratory Therapist and continued in that field for 40 years until retiring this past year. Besides being involved in Scouting, attending the National Jamboree and High Adventure Camp he greatly enjoyed photography and riding his Harley all over the country. In 2005 John started traveling as an Respiratory Therapist, taking brief contracts at a variety of hospitals that needed short term help. Since 2009 he has been living and working in southern Utah. He has recently become interested in woodworking and fractal burning and hopes to attend some local events to show his wares. He is looking forward to sharing his knowledge of the outdoors, backpacking, hiking and kayaking and generally providing a great experience for our guests.

Kathie & John with Elliott

Kathie & John with youngest grandson, Elliot


Kathie was born and raised in Maine. Prior to getting in to respiratory therapy in 1976 she was heavy into dance. In 1971 she and a close friend started a dance studio which continues to this day after Kathie left in 1973. Met John in 1979 while working at St. Marys hospital in Lewiston, they married and soon had a blended family of 4 boys, hence the Boy Scout involvement. Joining John on the travel adventure in 2006 working in Utah, Montana, Nebraska and Maine until taking a permanent position in St. George, Utah. in 2009. She then returned to dance by joining the Prime Time Performers where she has pursued the lifetime activity she so enjoys. During her time in Utah she grew an interest in kayaking going on week long meet ups in Montana and Oregon. She has also recently returned to Maine to grow the lodge and share healthful knowledge and create activities that help improve ones quality of life.